This window lets you investigate the behavior of a group of dependency networks (a goal group). It has a goal list at the top, a current topic pane in the center, and a pair of topics lists at the bottom. The middle pane is where you can enter data. However, you may rather enter data via the data list.

Topic Group

This pane, at the top of the window, is a list of topics with a graphical representation of their current values.

  • Opens the topic's hyperlink.
  • Opens the network viewer for the topic.
  • Double-clicking a topic in the list will launch a new group window with that topic as the sole topic in the new group.

As with most topic lists in NetWeaver there is a topic popup menu (right mouse click).

Current Topic

This pane gives you access to the current topic and it is here where you will enter data by typing data values into the edit box or by selecting a value from its drop down menu of choices.

The current topic changes automatically or manually. You can change it simply by clicking on another topic either in the topic list above, or in one of the topic lists below this pane. It changes automatically when you select a choice from the drop down choices menu, when you press the next topic button , or when you complete typing in a value and press the [enter] key.

When a new current topic is chosen automatically it is the most influential antecedent topic (the input topic with the most capability to make a difference) that is not skipped and not ignored.

  • Opens the document list for the current input topic.
  • Opens the hyperlink for the current input topic.
  • Options:
    • sort goals by value – causes the list of dependency networks to rearrange themselves by value as data is entered.
    • show only elemental data – limits the input topics to only simple datalinks.
  • Go to the next input topic.
  • Clears the data from the current input topic.
  • Flags the current input topic to be “ignored”..
  • Skip the current input topic.

Input Topic Lists

Both of these topic lists have a topic popup menu (right mouse click).

Unresolved Influential Topics

This list is updated automatically as data is entered and includes all antecedent topics (antecedent to the main topic list) that have the capability to change the outcome in the main topic list once they have data.

Other Antecedent Topics

This list is updated automatically as data is entered and includes all antecedent topics (antecedent to the main topic list) that either have data or have been flagged as ignored.

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