A proxy node is a network node that stands in for a topic. This editor manages how the proxy node uses its topic.

Topic Arguments

This list is for all of the arguments associated with the topic.

  • Add – Adds the selected argument(s) to the Arguments used here list.
  • Documentation – Opens the document list for the topic.
  • Hyperlink – Jump to topic's hyperlink.
  • Edit – Edit the selected argument.
  • Delete – Delete the selected argument(s). Only those arguments not in use anywhere in the knowledge base can be deleted.
  • Fuzzy argument – Click to create a new fuzzy argument and open the fuzzy argument editor. Select an existing fuzzy argument from the drop down menu to clone the fuzzy argument.
  • Crisp argument – Click to create a new crisp (aka simple) argument and open the crisp argument editor. Select an existing crisp argument from the drop down menu to clone the crisp argument.

Arguments used here

The arguments in this list are the ones that are used in this proxy node.

  • Remove argument – Removes the selected argument(s) from this list. It does NOT delete the argument.
  • Move Up – Moves the argument up in the list.
  • Move Down – moves the argument down in the list.


  • Compare value to argument(s) – uses arguments to translate the topic's value to some fuzzy trueness value.
  • Use value directly – uses the topic's value without any translation. This option is only available when the proxy node is used in a calculated data link.
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