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The data link proxy-node provides dependency network access to a data link. The value of the data link can either be used directly in calculations or it can be compared to a list of arguments (either crisp or fuzzy arguments) to provide a trueness level.

The data link proxy-node can also be flagged as “required data” so that when its topic-node has no value it can communicate to its network that the network is not valid. Otherwise NetWeaver just assigns the proxy-node a value of “undetermined.


Compare Directly

If the compare directly option is used then the data link proxy-node returns the value of the data link. In this mode the data link must either have a numeric data value (if it is a simple data link) or be a calculated data link.

Compare to Arguments

If the compare to arguments option is used then data link proxy-node evaluates all of its arguments (they can be either crisp or fuzzy) and returns the value of the most true argument in the same fashion as an OR node.