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The Sequential OR (SOR) node selects the first path of adequate quality where adequate quality is determined by sufficiency of data.

The SOR node is used to pick among competing evaluation methods where the methods are arranged in descending order of preference. Often the first choice method of determining some property is not available but another, less desirable method is available. The SOR node provides a way of switching between these competing methods based on how well each method is currently functioning based on the sufficiency of the data driving the method.

This quality of the path is determined by the magnitude of the child-node's data satisfaction compared to the child-node's weight1).


  • Minimum number of child-nodes: 0
  • Maximum number of child-nodes: no limit
  • Valid input range: -1 to +1 (false to true)


data satisfaction

Weight is a node property that has meaning in only some situations. By default its value is 1, but can be changed to any numeric value.