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The switch node is a proxy-node that uses the value of its topic-node to select an evaluation path based on evaluation of its argument list.


  • Minimum number of child-nodes: 0
  • Maximum number of child-nodes: no limit


  1. If the topic-node has no data then the switch node's value = 0 (undetermined)
  2. Otherwise:
    1. Arguments are evaluated in sequence
    2. The chosen argument is the first true argument in the argument list
    3. The chosen child-node is the nth node where n is the index of the chosen argument
    4. If there are no true arguments and there are more child-nodes than arguments then the chosen child-node is the (n+1)th child-node where n is the argument count.
    5. If there is a chosen child-node then the value of the chosen child-node is passed as the value of the switch node
    6. Otherwise the value of the switch node = 0 (undetermined)