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This screencast covers generating documentation for a GeoNetWeaver2 geoproject and gives a tour through the documentation and many of its features. While this screencast focuses on GeoNetWeaver2, the documentation utility for NetWeaver2 Developer is essential the same but sans maps.

  • Both NetWeaver2 Developer and GeoNetWeaver2 can generate complete documentation.
  • The generated documentation is essentially a stand alone web site that can easily be deployed on the web, a local network, or even a CD.
  • A compiled Microsoft help file (*.chm), which contains all the documentation in one file, is also generated.
  • Images of dependency networks, fuzzy arguments, legends, etc. are included.
  • Dependency network images are clickable: they hyperlink to the documentation of other topics.
  • If the knowledge base is linked to data, the data will also be included in the documentation.
  • Results/Data tables are sortable on each column.
  • The maps, legends, charts, etc. in the documentation will be the same sizes as they are in GeoNetWeaver2 when you start the documenting process.

click here for source video