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Properties Tab

On this tab you can edit:

  • Topic Name - only names that do not conflict with already used names in the knowledge base will be allowed
  • Hyperlink - a hyperlink to an external document, url, etc. Double-clicking this field will test the hyperlink.
  • Description (hint) - this is the question that is asked for the data link.

Changes made on this tab are not committed until you press the accept button

Arguments Tab

On this tab you can edit the arguments for the data link.

  • delete the selected argument(s) - this button is enabled only when the selected argument is not in use at any place in the knowledge base.
  • move the selected argument up in the list
  • move the selected argument down in the list
  • open the documentation for the selected argument
  • jump to the hyperlink for the selected argument
  • edit the selected argument
  • create a new fuzzy argument
  • create a new crisp argument
  • create new arguments based on the data link's choices

Choices Tab

Choices are used in the user interface to make data input easier. When choices exist they will generally be presented in a drop down menu.

  • delete the selected choice(s)
  • move the selected choice up in the list
  • move the selected choice down in the list
  • edit the choices in the choices editor
  • create new choice
  • create choices from the data link's arguments
  • create choices from a numeric range
  • create true and false choices
  • create yes and no choices