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Use this window to make database tables available to the database configuration utility.

File-Based Databases

File DBs. This menu let's you connect to file-based databases. The menu has items for the following database types:

  • dBase tables (*.dbf).
  • MS Access databases (*.mdb).
  • MS Excel spreadsheets (*.xls)
  • MS Data Link File (*.udl)
  • Data Source Name files (*.dsn)

Machine-Based Databases

Machine DBs. This is a menu of all the pre-defined database connections on your computer. The list contains both “system data sources” and “user data sources”. This is the preferred method for connecting to remote shared databases.

List Control

  • Add. Adds the selected database table(s) to the database table list to make it available for use.
  • Remove. Removes the selected database table(s) from the database table list.