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Use this wizard to export topics in various formats.

Page 1 -- Identify the Topics to Export

Available Topics

This is the starting point. Select topics from this list. You can filter the topics in this list by type with the options below.


Available topics

Select the types of topics to include in the Available topics list.

  • Groups – (goal groups) aka dependency network groups.
  • Goals – dependency networks
  • Calculations – calculated data links.
  • Data – simple data links.
  • Element Goals – dependency networks that do not have any antecedent topics.

Relations to include

Select the relationships to include in the Export Topics list.

  • self – include the selected available topics.
  • antecedents – include antecedents (lower level topics) of the selected available topics.
  • dependents – include dependents (higher level topics) of the selected available topics.


Choose a filter for the Export Topics list:

  • none – do not apply any filters to the Export Topics list.
  • no intermediates – allow only top level topics (goal groups or dependency networks) and simple data links in the Export Topics list.
  • adjacent level only – allow only topics connected directly to the selected available topics into the Export Topics list.

Export Topics

This is the list of topics that will be exported.

Page 2 -- What to include

Info to include

  • name – the name of the topic
  • hint – the description field of the topic
  • hyperlink – a url associated with the topic
  • documents – export the documents associated with the export topics.
  • internal ID – a number used in the knowledge base to permanently identify a topic

Page 3 -- Export Document Settings


  • none – plain text
  • *.TSV – tab separated values
  • *.CSV – comma separated values
  • XML – extensible markup language

Document Export Format

This setting applies only when the documents option is selected in the Info to include options on page 2.

  • *.RTF – rich text format
  • *.PDF – portable document format

Page 4 -- Progress Log

This page monitors and logs the progress of the export.