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The edit button toggles the fuzzy argument viewer between view and edit modes.

View Mode

In view mode the window displays the fuzzy curve of the argument as a graph.

Edit Mode

In the edit mode you can edit the argument's fuzzy curve, its name, and its hyperlink.

Argument Name

Give the argument a name here. If you leave it blank NetWeaver will try to use the fuzzy curve points to create a name for the argument that is representative of the fuzzy curve.

Optionally enter a url to link to here.


A fuzzy argument's fuzzy curve is made up of any number of points (x-y pairs). Each point defines an inflection point on the fuzzy curve. The argument's fuzzy curve is used to evaluate the data link's value. The points are set in this grid. Order is not important, NetWeaver will sort them into order when the argument is used. Mnemonic constants can be used for either (or both) the x-value or y-value of any point in the list.

  • clone this curve from an existing one in the drop down menu
  • erase the selection
  • set the y value to false (-1)
  • set the y-value to undetermined (0)
  • set the y-value to true (+1)
  • insert a smooth transition between two existing points

Bottom Toolbar

  • open the document list for the argument
  • discard any changes made and revert to previous version
  • try the points by plotting them on the graph.
  • cancel the changes and leave edit mode.
  • accept the changes and leave edit mode.