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This editor lets you assemble a network group. The topmost edit box is for naming the group. The next one down is for assigning a hint to the group. Changes you make in this editor are committed as you make them.


This is the list of topics that will be the group. Topics can be removed from this list by either double-clicking or selecting the topic(s) and pressing the remove button .

  • Remove selected topic(s)
  • Move the topic up in the list
  • Move the topic down in the list
  • Sort the topics alphabetically

Knowledge Base

This is the list of all dependency networks in the knowledge base. You can move topics from this list to the Group list by either double-clicking the topic or selecting the topic(s) and pressing the add button .

  • Add selected topic(s) to the group
  • Create a new dependency network

Goals are:

  • Positions on a continuum – each of the topics describe some classification of the same thing (i.e. high, medium, low). This option is rarely used, but is here for legacy reasons.
  • Discrete – each topic can stand on its own merits. When in doubt use this option.