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Use this window to view or edit the security settings of the kb.

Knowledge Base

The following knowledge base editing activities can be restricted. If the item is checked then the activity is allowed, otherwise it is dis-allowed.

  • Allow viewing.
  • Allow copying.
  • Allow editing.
  • Allow creation of new topics.
  • Allow saving.


The following documentation related activities can be restricted.

  • Allow printing.
  • Allow exporting (as image or document).
  • Allow editing (of documentation only).
  • Show development docs. See below.
  • Show private docs. See below.

Documents within a knowledge base are flagged as one of public, development, or private. By default all documents start as public, but can be flagged as either development or private to restrict their viewing when distributing a knowledge base.

Document visibility flags

  • public
  • development
  • private


  • Set Password… – Set the password to restrict access to the knowledge base. Removal of the password clears all security settings.
  • Unlock… – Apply the password here to unlock the security settings.