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Registration Procedure

The registration procedure is a two-part process that uses an email loop to confirm your identity and protect your license.

  1. Fill out the registration form with your identification and the two-part license code.
  2. Press the “Request Key” button .
  3. The software sends the information to our web server where it is validated.
  4. Our web server immediately sends you an email containing the three-part key code and updates your license information.
  5. When you receive the email, enter the key code into the registration form. If you do not receive the email, verify your email address and try again.
  6. Press the “Register” button.
  7. The registration process is complete.

Unregistration Procedure

  1. Open the registration form. If your software is registered the button in the lower right will show “Unregister”
  2. Press the “Unregister” button .
  3. The software sends an unregister message to our web server.
  4. Our server confirms the process to the software and unregisters it.
  5. the unregister process is complete.

License Validation

When you register your software, your license information is validated against our license database. We confirm your identity by sending the license key code to you by email. The email is sent automatically and you should receive it within minutes of registering. If you are on a site licensing plan we also send a copy of the mail to your licensing manager.

Offline Registration

Your license can be registered offline, but please try to do it online first. If you cannot register the license online then follow the instructions that pop up. You will email us your registration information and your computer ID. We will process the registration for you and email the key codes back to you.

Computer ID

Your computer ID is unique to your computer. It, along with the license code, is used to generate a unique license key code. The key code used to unlock your license will NOT work on any other computer or for any other license. So, to move your license to another computer be sure to unregister first. This releases the seat allowing it to be issued to another computer.