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FIXME - obsoleted feature

See runtime module overview for information about runtime modules and tag databases for information about tag databases.

The runtime module editor displays a runtime module's properties in an outline form. Most properties editing is done with in-place editors customized for the type of property.

The runtime module system is still evolving, so some parts of the interface will change over time.


  • File menu
    • Load Runtime Module…
    • Save Runtime Module
    • Save Runtime Module As…
    • Import Default Tag Database…
    • Export Default Tag Database…
  • Load Runtime Module…
  • Save Runtime Module. – Click to save or use menu for more options:
    • Save Runtime Module.
    • Save Runtime Module.
    • Export Tag Databases as Files… – Exports all tag databases as text files, organized in a hierarchical folder system.
  • Add Sections Menu.
    • Add Message Section.
    • Add Data Section.
    • Add Summary Section.
    • Add Report Builder Section.
  • Add a new item to the current section.
  • Delete the current section or item.
  • Open the content editor.
  • Move Up. – Move the section or item up in the outline.
  • Move Down. – Move the section or item down in the outline.
  • Run. – Launch the runtime module to test.
  • Search text in all tag databases.
  • Search text for next instance.