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To use the spelling checker first select a dictionary and then press the “next” button.

The spell checker will load and check each text snippet within the knowledge base. If the spell checker encounters a spelling error it will stop and highlight any misspellings with a red wavy underline.

Right click on the misspelled word to:

  • pick a replacement word from a list of suggestions
  • ignore all occurrences of the word (words that are flagged as “ignored” are remembered until NetWeaver is restarted.)
  • add the word to the dictionary

If any changes are made the “revert” and “accept” buttons will enable.

  • revert - return the text to its original
  • accept - commit the changes
  • next - find the next misspelling

How to Enable Spell Checking

The spelling system uses the open source ISpell dictionaries by Luzius Schneider. Download ISpellIns.exe from: and run it to install ISpell.

NetWeaver will automatically detect if ISpell is installed when NetWeaver starts up.