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The fuzzy curve node is a proxy-node for data links (either simple or calculated. It is used in conjunction with xy-pair nodes to define a dynamic fuzzy curve for very flexible analysis of data.

Each xy-pair node defines a single point on the fuzzy curve. Because the data feeding each xy-pair nodes can change, the shape of the fuzzy curve can change dynamically. In other words, you can build a fuzzy curve that changes shape to reflect changing conditions.

If fuzzy analysis is needed but not the dynamic ability of the fuzzy curve node then consider using a data link proxy with a fuzzy argument.


The fuxxy curve's data link must be a numeric value. Otherwise the fuzzy curve will evaluate to undetermined, the same as if the data link had no data.


At runtime each xy-pair is evaluated to determine their current values.

The nodes are then used to construct a fuzzy curve in memory where each xy-pair's current values define the transition points on the fuzzy curve.

The data link's value defines the x position on the fuzzy curve and the corresponding y value from the curve is returned.