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Adding a database table

This procedure will add a database table to your knowledge base. It assumes you are using a file-based database. The method for system databases is very similar.

Open the Database Connection Setup:

Go to the “Data Sources” tab.

Open the database table selector

Assuming your file is a file-based database: Click the “File DBS” button to open a file dialog.

Navigate to and select your database file.

If the database is secured enter your credentials to unlock it.

Click the accept button.

If you selected a database file with more than one table then select the table to add by either double clicking the table name or clicking on the table name and pressing then “Add” button.

Linking the data to the knowledge base

This procedure links data from a database table to your knowledge base.

  1. Go to the “Links to Data” tab.
  2. For each data link:
    1. Click in the “Table” cell and select the table from the dropdown list.
    2. Click in the “Field” cell and select the field from the dropdown list.


  • If you are using only one database table for all of your data needs then you can set the table for all data links from the db menu using “Apply to all inputs →” and selecting the table you want to use. It will populate all the table cells with the selected table.
  • When you set the table for a data link NetWeaver will attempt to match the table's field to the name of the data link. So if the names are pretty similar the field will be set automatically for you.
  • The dropdown list for fields puts any unused fields for the table at the top of the list then a blank entry to separate them from the used fields at the bottom of the dropdown list.