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Use this window to customize the way NetWeaver functions for you.


Network Edit Window Action

  • Close on dependent launch – causes the network window you are in to close when you open one of its dependents' windows.
  • Close on antecedent launch – causes the network window you are in to close when you open one of its antecedents' windows.
  • Autosize to fit network – when checked the network will resize itself to be only as big as necessary to display the network.

File saving

  • Save Automatically – when checked the software will save a copy of the knowledge base at the time period indicated when the knowledge base has unsaved changes.
  • Ctrl+S – Option to have the Ctrl+S shortcut to active either “Save” or “Save with date” actions.


NetWeaver needs to connect to the web servers on the internet when registering and when doing web-based software updates.

  • Use proxy – Use a proxy server whenever connecting to the internet.
  • Host – The proxy server's web address.
  • Port – The proxy server connection port.
  • Username – The proxy server username.
  • Password – The proxy server password.

Calculation Methods

  • Modified Fuzzy AND (traditional NetWeaver method) – compensates for missing data.
  • Classic Fuzzy AND (minimum value) – does not compensate for missing data.


Check for updates

NetWeaver can automatically check for updates if you have an internet connection. Check for updates is also available under the Help menu on the main menu.

  • Auto – check on a periodic basis:

Once every:

  • day
  • week
  • month

Choice Generation

  • Auto – if checked the software will attempt to automatically create data link choices that match its arguments.