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Main Menu



  • undo/redo
  • cut
  • copy
  • paste
  • delete
  • transmogrify – Toggle transmogrify mode.
  • [ctrl][F] Find Text… Search the knowledge base for a matching text string.
  • [F3] Find Text Again Search for the text string again.
  • Check Spelling… Open the spelling checker.
  • Registration. Open the registration window to connect to the web and register this software and enable your license.
  • Preferences. Open the preferences window to change common program settings.


  • Clear All Data
  • Browse Data and Constants… – Open the data list for the knowledge base.
  • Show Database Tables – Open connected database tables from this menu into a database table monitor.
  • Configure Links to Databases… – Open the database connection setup utility.
  • Open Database Link Configuration… – Open a database link configuration from a file.
  • Save Database Link Configuration As… – Save the current database link configuration to a file.
  • Close Database Link Configuration – Remove any existing database links.
  • Color Schemes – Change the way NetWeaver uses colors to depict trueness and data sufficiency values.
    • Classic – Change to a Red-Black-Green color ramp system.
    • Stoplight – Change to a Red, Yellow, Green 3-class system.
    • Fuzzy Stoplight – Change to a Red-Yellow-Green color ramp system.


  • Batch Create Topics… – Open the batch create topics window to add new topics to the current knowledge base.
  • Batch Edit Topics… – Open the batch edit topics window to view all topics in the current knowledge base and to edit topic names, hyperlinks, and hints.
  • Batch Print Topics… – Open the batch print topics window to print all or some of the topics in the current knowledge base.
  • Set Conditional Ignore Flags… – Open the batch conditional ignore topics window to set which topics in the current knowledge base to be conditionally ignored (ignored when they have no data).
  • Set Persistent Ignore Flags… – Open the batch persistent ignore topics window to set which topics in the current knowledge base to be persistently ignored (ignored always).
  • Scrub Knowledge Base… – Open the knowledge base scubbing wizard to systematically remove unused/unwanted items from the current knowledge base.
  • Document Knowledge Base… – Start the automated documentation system to fully document the knowledge base. See screencast...
  • Dependency Overview… – Open the dependency overview for the current knowledge base to explore topic relationships.
  • Export Topics… – Open the topic exporter for the current knowledge base to export the topics in various forms.
  • Find Topic… – Open the find topic dialog to explore where a topic is used.


  • Clear all saved window states – NetWeaver remembers the sizes and positions of most windows as you use them and attempts to reopen them in the same place and size as the last time you used the window. This function clears those settings and resets them back to their original values as designed.


  • Contents. Opens the help system to its table of contents.
  • Index. Opens the help system to the index page with links to all content within the help system.
  • Contextual Help. Turns on/off the context sensitive help system. When this feature is active, as you navigate from window to window, the help displayed will change to reflect where you are in the software.
  • Contact Us… Sends an email to the developers.
  • Users Forums…. Opens the web-based users forum.
  • Help Action Tutorials…
  • About the Help System…
  • About NetWeaver…
  • Check for Updates… Contacts the NetWeaver updates website and, if there is a newer version, downloads (after asking your permission) and installs the new version.